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Premium lens technology helps patients see their best after cataract removal surgery. Since the technology has been approved by the FDA and Medicare, replacing the removed crystalline lens with an intraocular lens implant has become the standard of care for cataract surgery. Patients who have cataract surgery will receive a lens implant that corrects distance vision or near vision. These patients will most likely need to wear glasses for some functions, but the cloudiness and loss of color in their vision caused by the cataract will be gone.

New innovations in intraocular lens implant technology can allow patients to see near, far, and everything in between. At Eye Excellence, we offer ReSTOR®, Crystalens®, TECNIS® , and Toric IOLs to patients interested in reducing or eliminating their dependence on glasses or contacts after cataract surgery.


Alcon AcrySof ReSTOR® Lens Implant

The ReSTOR® lens, a multifocal lens implant, allows 97% of patients to see distance (road signs) and near (reading material, computer) without difficulty. However, reading glasses may be required in dim light. About 5% of patients notice a glare at night. This lens is designed to provide good focus at multiple distances, and allow for a more active lifestyle.


Tecnis Multifocal® Lens Implant

The Technis Multifocal lens is a multifocal aspheric lens which distributes the light between near and distance in a 50/50 distribution. This helps improve depth of focus and provides a sharper near vision. The design of the lens allows it to perform well independent of pupil size and lighting. In a FDA clinical study, 96.4% of patients implanted bilaterally with the Tecnis Multifocal reported comfortable vision without glasses for all activities. 5.2% of patients noticed moderate haloes or glare at night.


Alcon AcrySof Toric® Lens Implant For Astigmatism

For cataract patients with significant astigmatism, the Alcon AcrySof Toric® lens implant may be appropriate. The Toric lens corrects astigmatism, resulting in better uncorrected visual acuity. Because the Toric lens implant does not correct both far and near vision, reading glasses or bifocals may still be warranted. This lens is allows our doctors to correct astigmatism during cataract surgery without added surgery steps, e.g. limbal relaxing incisions.


Bausch & Lomb Crystalens® Accommodating Lens Implant

Unlike the Restor® and Technis Mutifocal® IOLs, the Bausch & Lomb Crystalens® is a single vision lens. The CrystaLens® implant acts as an “auto focus” mechanism that adjusts its position within the eye as it looks from near to far. This lens is powered by the muscles that focus and move the eye’s natural lens. It is the only FDA-approved “accommodating” lens. This means that it flexes or changes shape as the focus muscle in the eye constricts and relaxes. This allows for a smooth transition from near to intermediate to far vision. About 95% of patients can read without glasses, but many need glasses for fine print and if they are in dim light. Because the Crystalens is not multifocal, it provides seamless vision compared to the ReSTOR® lens.

These premium lenses are not covered by most medical insurance plans, so choosing a better lens adds some out-of-pocket cost to your procedure.The good news is that lens implants are intended to last a lifetime. The majority of patients are happy with their lens implant, regardless of the type. The CrystaLens®, Toric®, ReSTOR®, & Technis Mutifocal® lenses have been FDA-tested and have a reputation for producing excellent results.


Trulign™ Toric Intraocular Lens (IOL)

An exciting new premium lens option has arrived at Eye Excellence, the Trulign™ Toric Intraocular Lens (IOL) from Bausch+Lomb.

The Trulign™ Toric lens is designed for active individuals that wish to reduce or eliminate their need for glasses and contacts after cataract or refractive lens exchange surgery. This lens provides superior vision, especially in dim light, which is great for individuals that are nighttime drivers.

The Trulign™ Toric Lens (IOL) received FDA approval in May 2013. The lens is the first of its kind, as the first IOL that is both accommodating as well as astigmatism correcting. The IOL may allow patients to see both near and far clearly with little or no dependency on glasses. The lens is designed to correct astigmatism between 0.83 D and 2.50 Diopters.

Eye Excellence in Houston is amongst the first in the country to begin using the Trulign™ Toric Intraocular Lens for its patients.

“When it comes to premium lenses, people often ask me what I would do for myself, and I can tell them that there’s no question that I would get a premium lens. Although it can be expensive, I look at it this way: there are very few investments in your life that you will use at every waking moment that will never depreciate in value. This is one such investment, and if you can afford it or finance it, then I believe that it is something that you’ll want to have.” -Dr. Green

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